A Piece of My Heart stage - Winter 2008

Lighting Design

A Piece of My Heart is a play about the experiences of women, primarily nurses, in the Vietnam War. It is told through a series of flashbacks. Because of the way the play was constructed, I could use more intense colors and more impressionistic lighting during the show. The lighting was intended to indicate place through color, with Vietnam taking on a warmer tone, and America taking on a cooler tone. Specials included a 3 footlight system and shadowplay on the cyc. I also did a bit of sound design for the show, crating the audio for the Parade Sequence.

This was my first time designing lights, and I'd like to thank Becky for guiding me through this intimidating process, and taking me through the basics of creating a light plot. She drafted the plot here and we collaborated on instrument selection and placement.


Light Plot


Parade Sequence