Parchment Dragon games - Fall 2010

Project Lead, Design, Programming

"Parchment Dragon" is a game written in C# using the XNA frameworks. I led a group of ~7 freshmen to develop this vertically-scrolling shooter. We didn't want it to be a space shooter though so we chose a fantasy theme and went with a parchment-like art style (thus the name). We worked on it in our free time during the fall 2010 semester and did a bit of touch up work during spring 2011.

The game features high-quality animations and detailed backgrounds. Instead of power ups found in most games in this genre, we decided to implement a power meter, called the hunger gauge. When you defeat enemies, they sometimes drop food. Eating this boosts power temporarily and adds a score multiplier.

I worked on getting the engine and game logic running, meaning that I adapted the animation code, wrote how levels are represented internally, programmed the UI elements such as the health bar, score and lives display and the food gauge, and implemented player control. To manage the game state, we adapted some code given as a demo from Microsoft.

The source code is available on GitHub.


The most recent build for the game is on the Game Creation Society website.