Mercury Soul stage - April 2013

Media Design

Mercury Soul is an event that puts classical music in the night club. A collaboration between composer Mason Bates, the Pittsburgh Symphony Orchestra, and the Carnegie Mellon School of Drama. Held at Static Nightclub in Pittsburgh's Strip District on April 5, 2013.

Created an iOS app that would stream video (using OpenTok) from a user's device to a control page running in a web browser, which was then projected live at the event. Users could scan a QR code to go straight to the app's download page. The app is called "TokStream" and it remains available on the App Store for those interested in using it for other projects. There are some instructions at the GitHub page for the server, though you can also contact me with questions.

Also created a few audio-reactive visualizations using Derivative's TouchDesigner 077. Photos by Jordan Harrison.


20-band EQ (.toe)
Waveform with Particles (.toe)
"Visualization 3" - unused (.toe)