Little Lost Shadow video - May 2013

Director, Animator, Lighting Artist

"Little Lost Shadow" is the story of a shadow separated from the object he belongs to, and his journey back to where he belongs.

This was the final project for the Spring 2013 15-465 Animation Art and Technology course at Carnegie Mellon University done with Cole Heiner, Jason Israel, and Momo Jiao. I came up with the initial pitch and the class selected it as one of the pitches that should be developed into a full animation. During production, I served as the director for motion capture and camera movement, modeled some basic objects, directed and sequenced motion capture data and did lighting for the animation. It was animated, modeled, textured, everything in Maya 2013. Models in the gallery below were modeled by me but textured by Jason.

More in-progress animations can be seen at the project's website.