Dancing Bridge stage - December 2012

Design, Programming

Group project part of Interaction and Expression with Pausch Bridge Lighting, Fall 2012. Other group members: Pace Nalbone, Rebecca Jablonsky, Rane Renshaw.

This project turns the Pausch Bridge at Carnegie Mellon University into a music visualizer. Music is fed through TouchDesigner 077 FTE where it is split into 20 different frequency bands, from 40Hz to 20kHz, When one of those bands hits a certain threshold, TouchDesigner sends an OSC command to a server attached to the Pharos Lighting controller that controls the lights on the bridge. The attached server then triggers a Pharos Timeline resulting in the lights appearing on the bridge in time with the music. I handled programming the server and audio analysis and also contributed to the initial design idea.

There are currently 33 songs available for viewing on YouTube and I have picked out some of my favorite songs from those 33 below.