Cabaret stage - April 2011

Sound Design and Asst. Sound Engineer

Cabaret was Scotch 'n' Soda's 2011 Spring Carnival show. It's the largest production that we do every year and it's shown during Carnegie Mellon's Carnival Weekend.

Sound Design for the show was pretty straightforward. We had effects for a telephone, an air raid siren, a glass shatter, and a radio broadcast. The radio broadcast was recorded by one of the directors and I then added the effects to make it sound like an old AM radio. The one unusual effect we had was a request for a "deep bass rumble" at the end of the show. It ended up being a generated tone around 40 Hz. We were still mixing on the old TAC Scorpion that we used in Rocky. I helped the Board Operator for this show learn the board and ran sound effects during the show.

Sound Effects

Radio Broadcast